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A little switcho chango....
« on: 06/30/22 18:03 UTC »
After last week's first bass trip to the Mississippi backwaters, I found I needed to upgrade the stiff old skirting found on my collection of Moss Bosses. I love the baits when things start to get thick and that's what we're seeing now. When I got home last week, I ordered some replacement skirts from Do-It and settled on the Slip-It Paddle Tail skirts. For my chartreuse MBs I decided on the Circus color, #7728' After removing the hook screw and hook the old skirt went bye-bye and the new color went on using a drop of super glue in the screw hole before setting the screw. Maybe a 30 second job.

Today we fished again, same area, only the weatherman lied and we were doing war with thunderstorms, then clearing then thunderstorms again. We did like 6 cycles of that crap weather but the bass and pike did not seem to be bothered like we were. Maybe 5 pike today but nothing large. 6 or seven largemouths hit the boat's floor, three for me and they were in the 3-4 pound range except the last which maybe got 6 pounds. Beautiful fish. Most of these fish came while it was raining so the phone stayed dry and no pics. I had a ton of short hits and a couple came unpinned before I could get them to the boat but I have to say I think that the new skirting had much to do with my success today. I fished a frog pattern MB with factory bristles, as I didn't take time to switch that one's skirt, along side the chartreuse and while fish would hit at it, they did not hit with much bluster. Zero of the hits on the green hooked up. The new skirt with the paddletails has far more bulk and action than the original skirts and I honestly think that that came into play today. I'll be changing all of my Bosses over to these new skirts. You can see the difference in bulk in the picture.

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