Author Topic: Chasing crappie again  (Read 1109 times)

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Chasing crappie again
« on: 11/07/22 16:48 UTC »
Burnt a vacation day from work today to search for some crappie, but with a change of pace. I forced myself out of my comfort zone by fishing open water with the sonar rather than pitching to timber. I also added a new to me bait in for the fun of it. A Rat-L-Trap tiny-Trap. Eight hours on the water produced several small guys, a bluegill and two small bass. All were suspended at 10-15’ in 16-25’ of water. I also got to see a small buck searching for love and maybe the biggest red squirrel I have ever seen swimming across the lake.

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Re: Chasing crappie again
« Reply #1 on: 11/08/22 06:50 UTC »
 I like fishing in the fall. Normally wait till around one to give the sun time to warm the surface up. Then you'll see the shad start moving on the surface. I'll take a square bill crank bait and hit the ends of trees hanging over deep water. I've caught some pretty big largemouth doing that and on the right day I've caught a lot of them. It's just you have a short window that it works. And for crappie that are out deep I use a 1/8 oz sonar. For me I like it a little better. It gets down faster and stays down better. I will fish a trap when the bass are chasing shad on the flats then it's my go to bait. It's the fun part of fishing, we all get the same results in different ways.