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mods .... or whatever floats your boat
« on: 05/06/23 03:16 UTC »
No more novels after this - promise!

I just can't help myself. I got to modify baits weekly especially when the weather keeps me indoors. Retired, I can only fish some of the year - no more ice fishing for me - and must stay in touch with anything fishing related. (No TV shows thank you.)

Molds are okay but unless I sold lures made from the many I have, I can only use so many of the lures poured. Thought of selling them, but not worth it nor the air pollution in my basement from 275 degree heated plastic. Modifying soft plastics is the closest thing to making something no one sells yet catches fish consistently.

Now, for a mod to work, action speaks loudest to fish. That is, the way a lure moves using one or more retrieves and speeds. The thing that defines all of the thousands of lures ever made that provoke fish to strike, is action and action is dependent on many things that involve lure shape and bulk, tail shape and other moving parts. Color can be important when it emphasizes those physical elements and contrasts with the background.

Are fish fooled by lures into believing they are a particular prey animal? Don't know/ can't know. All I do know is that certain lure actions have proven themselves since the first lure caught fish. Match-the-hatch IMO is myth yet an art form when it comes to all of the fly tyers that produce specific flies patterns. But the action of flies is the same regardless of pattern or color.

What are examples of lure actions that get strikes but that also crossover into other lure types? Here are a few:
Remember the Zara Spook? A surface waddle waddle waddle using rod tip jerks. But guess what? I've found a shape that does produces the same action but subsurface. I call it the bulb or rounded tail:

Even sunfish jump all over it:

Here are other versions that produce the same action:

The waddle is key! Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

Another version of the waddle / jerk action is the jerk worm but not just any jerk worm. I found out that Yamamoto's Kut Tail worm's action was incredible when jerked back and forth - zig zag if you will. Fish jumped all over it from the surface to mid-depth in 8'.

The worm is poured using the same mix as the Senko - not too buoyant/ not too soft.
The tapered body-to-tail is also key to the lure's jerk action.

Another that has the same action is the Softie worm (note, it isn't a mod but only used as an example of action-per-shape) :

Same taper-to-tail shape and plastic that is a bit firmer.

Speaking of the Senko, what about the Senko action when wacky-rigged?  The weight of the plastic allows the dual-tip action to quiver & rotate on the drop. The same action can be applied using the rod tip twitch at different depths. Again, even the smallest stick wacky-rigged can produce the same action or various versions of it. Here's one:

This one can be wacky rigged or used like a quivering stick:

Another wacky rig shape, I refer to as whisker because what it looks like attached to a fish's lip.

Any of the wacky rigged shapes exhibit far more action than the lumbering Senko sinking to the bottom. In fact, I produce the action at mid-depth and rarely let the lures drop all the way down.

Note the various species that can be caught on any of the above and it's all because of the combination of rod tip and lure action combined. There are many more but you get the idea.

Take all of the above for what it's worth from someone not inclined to use live bait or store-bought lures (except the many classic hard and soft plastic lures stored for 30 yrs. in my basement).

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Re: mods .... or whatever floats your boat
« Reply #1 on: 05/06/23 03:21 UTC »
Another thing on lure shape. I assumed all lures had to have round bodies until I figured - what the H, why not cut a segment off a French Fry stick and add some different tails to it? 

Note: the stick in cross section is rectangular, not round and the ribbing is far from smooth like you find on live prey. Man did it produce with different tails attached!
FF segment with straight thin tail that quivers with the slightest motion:

curl tail added that - well you know...:

Crappie Magnet tail added that also quivers and darts:

fork (fin) tail added that flaps slightly up and down (never use it like a vertical fish fin):


Joker tail added that flails:

claw added (cut from a craw bait):

Note also that most mods are the ultimate in finesse lures and as with all finesse lures, line diameter is key (I only use 8# test braid.)

Anyone can make mods using a candle flame:
Slightly melt the ends and hold together for 3 seconds. I use a battery-powered soldering iron to smooth / strengthen the seam.

 Try copying any of the above and catch fish with it. They're even great for kids to catch fish with.

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Re: mods .... or whatever floats your boat
« Reply #2 on: 05/08/23 12:31 UTC »
I enjoy your posts, even the long ones!   You always have some interesting mods that result in some really nice looking & obviously productive baits. Do It Molds could learn a thing or two about some of your designs.  ;D

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Re: mods .... or whatever floats your boat
« Reply #3 on: 05/08/23 15:36 UTC »
Some very creative shapes. 

Always appreciate the time you take to share with us your custom work.  Thank you.

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Re: mods .... or whatever floats your boat
« Reply #4 on: 05/08/23 21:31 UTC »
For all of the reasons you mention, one of my favorite bait molds Do-it has put out is the Tango Tube with the zig-zag spline... bulky, small, vibration, wiggle... it's a combo plate of fish catching uniqueness.

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Re: mods .... or whatever floats your boat
« Reply #5 on: 06/13/23 21:28 UTC »
Thanks everyone for your replies. It makes it all worth it to share my discoveries.

I like this statement from efishnc:
the zig-zag spline... bulky, small, vibration, wiggle... it's a combo plate of fish-catching uniqueness.

Of course I love catching fish and could stay with one lure for every occasion - but.  The above photos show just that - a fish-catching uniqueness that fish have never seen much less attacked. The unlimited combinations of lure shapes/actions that provoke fish to strike, are as crucial and challenging for me to discover as fishing itself.

Get the candle burning and join some parts together. You will be as hooked as the fish you WILL catch!
(tip: smooth the seam with a soldering iron or hot blade.)
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