Author Topic: Its that time of year....  (Read 339 times)

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Its that time of year....
« on: 05/31/23 07:44 UTC »
We'll be heading north to the cabin property to get things mowed and do some tree removal from last winter's wrath. I have the long rod ready to cast the breakwater in Two Harbors thinking the lake trout may be slipping into the shorelines. I've been following the fishing activity up there but not much being seen on the breakwater so hopefully I can break the spell.

We drove up a couple weeks ago for a couple days and opened the cabin and things look good inside. Got the power on and the gas turned on so about all this trip will call for is the tree stuff and some time on the tractor mowing. Ma has some shops she visits regularly while we are there and one book store sells jewelry and things some of the locals make and I asked about earring made from crankbait bodies. He'd never heard of it so I showed him some pictures from some done in the past and he was all over the idea so I have ten pair ready for him. I did ten pair for a resort last year, all identical, and got $15.00/pair and they sold them at $32.00/pair and they sold out in about 2 weeks. Hopefully these will be as popular.

Its going to be feeling good to get back to the mowing up there and doing some serious casting from that breakwater.

Locally, I was on the Mississippi River 's backwaters yesterday and the bass were happy to chew on the Quakin Shads and 5" Thump-Its. Some northerns wanted in on the activity too. Bass ran up to about 4 pounds and the pike maybe six, nothing huge. But fun. I tried out a new rod I built over winter carrying a Tatula 150 casting reel yesterday and not at all unhappy with how the rig fishes. So....its time to be it on and I'm ready.
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Re: Its that time of year....
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Those look really awesome 

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Re: Its that time of year....
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Those look really awesome
Yep those are pretty danged sharp.  ;D

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Re: Its that time of year....
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