Author Topic: Scrounger Jig  (Read 3986 times)

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Scrounger Jig
« on: 12/17/12 17:12 UTC »
A round lead head with a indentation around it to take a plastic scrounger wiggle plate. Again I like that wireform 400 that holds plastics in placew.

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Re: Scrounger Jig
« Reply #1 on: 02/20/13 11:23 UTC »
Considering these "patent infringement" issues, here's my thoughts for a Scrounger...1st there has to be some changes to avoid problems.  Looking at a few commercial baits/lures (and available components), the Chatterbait can be imitated.  Why not break out with a Hybrid for use in place of the Scrounger?

Head like the Poison Tail, or something more center-balanced or forward-balanced?  Of course, there has to be a groove for the plastic "lip" that makes the head shiver/shake to give a Scrounger-like action.  For the Lip, I think these should be made from the same material that the Original Scrounger Lip is (similar to clear water hose or tubing, such as what feeds the side-sprayer in Your kitchen sink), but make them shaped like a Chatterbait Blade...and sell the "Lips" by the 100 and 1,000...and a few different sized Lips, of course.  The groove on each Head can be the same size (on all Head-weights) so the Lips only have to have 1 size mounting-hole, just offer different size Lips...this would also let You use different sized Lips on any given Head-weight, whether You wanted a little shake or alot.
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Re: Scrounger Jig
« Reply #2 on: 02/20/13 14:22 UTC »
Read someone used that curtain material you see at refrigerated warehouses between sections, its clear and around the same thickness.

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Re: Scrounger Jig
« Reply #3 on: 02/20/13 14:29 UTC »
I've often thought a jighead like the ultra minnow with a slot for a bib that colud be placed in there would be a great jig and would make a nice hybrid bait

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