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Kasilofchris....spinner wire size
« on: 07/19/20 10:42 UTC »
I saw this post of yours here a long time ago and could never access the content to reply. Ill just post this if you're still wondering.

I make a ton of Lake Trout spinners for Lake Superior and use the Do-It #1908 wire forms for all of mine. The .030 is tough enough to handle trout in the 20-30 pound range and is long enough for the largest bodies I use. Maybe more important is the need for an aggressive blade, like a size 5. All I make color-wise is a gold [brass]/orange pattern with a flame red powder paint dip on about 1/3 of any bodies length at the hook end. I use pre-cut clear/gold prism lure tape for French blades on both the outside and the inside of the blades to create the maximum amount of flash. An orange bead of 1/4" between the hook and the bodies adds more color and helps add length to the finished spinner. Hope this helps.
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