Author Topic: Posted this idea 5 yrs. ago; figure it may come in handy for soft pl. anglers  (Read 1887 times)

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Most soft plastic lures tear regardless the keeper design attached to the jig head. This idea allows the lure
to be used over and over and not allow it to slip down after a dozen casts. This method was posted 5 yrs. ago
on custombaits but the photo bucket photos disappeared.

First you would need to get a roll of coated wire in 24g. Too thick or thin and the wire doesn't do as well,
though thinner wire for very small lures and jigs with #8 wire or smaller does okay.

Wire cutters and pliers are the tools that get the job done:

(the fluorescent orange tape makes it easier to find the tools I routinely misplace  >:()

1. cut a short piece of wire so that the end is close to the hook's curve and the same length
on the other side of the line tie post.

2. wrap one side once around tight.

3. clip one end close to the post and compress it more with the pliers.

4. bend the remaining wire into an L shape. This will swing into the lure, locking it from slipping down on the hook
    and does the least damage to the lure.

The wire never bothers the fish or affects lure action so I use the wire to secure other soft plastics:
For jig trailers such as the imitation frog from Uncle Josh, I wrap the wire once around after or before the lure is nose-hooked:

Bend the wire and insert:

Just make sure the loop is loose but not too loose that it could go beyond the hook barb. This allows a good trailer action
while keeping the trailer in good shape for repeated uses. For trailers right up against the jig head, I put the wire under the skirt holder (for me a wire zip tie) and use the same wire bend.

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"Most soft plastic lures tear regardless the keeper design"....

The cast on barbs may be hard on some smaller bait profiles but the keeper wire has gone a great way in eliminating that. On very small profiled baits the keeper wire's barb can be clipped down to be friendly with most any bait and still do a very effective job of holding the soft plastic. I fish 1" Gulp minnow baits and another thin minnow bait on heads with the clipped keeper barb without any slippage after a couple hours of casting and catching without anything on the outside of the plastic to mess with..
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I have used a design similar to your chunk holder for plastic trailers on weedless spoons.  I loop the wire over the hook and twist it a half dozen times (like a bread bag twist-tie) and bend a little hook on each end of the wire (at slightly different lengths), then just push it into the trailer and you can fish all day without it coming off... (of course, if ol' razor mouth chomps on it, that becomes a different story). 

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