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What a pairing.....
« on: 06/01/21 21:50 UTC »
4" Rippers and 1/8 ounce weighted hooks. Northerns ate the combo up again today. We hit the river early and fished in fog until around 9 this morning and the pike were more than happy to play in shallow water, 2' to 4' with weeds almost poking the surface. On edges where the pencil reeds had already emerged and the water was playing on four feet the pike were nuts when this bait combo was cast to the emergent weed line and reeled back slow enough to get about 3/4 of the way to the bottom yet fast enough to get thru weeds without dragging a mess back on each cast. I was fish 8/30 PowerPro and got bit off more than a couple times. We had some super hits from the side when these pike tore after the baits....looked like rockets going thru the water. We did this trip last week and found the water today about 8 degrees warmer. We're thinking the bass will be back on this flat by next week along with much larger pike. My largest pike in this location came about ten years ago on a Spro Frog and was just shy of 46 inches. The line cut as the net was being lifted and the fish somehow managed to stay in it. No big guys today but those 30"ers are a riot too. I did get my personal best [I use the word best reservedly] Dogfish, a real chunk, using a frog. I'd just cast when my buddy had a pike hit about five feet from the boat and while I was netting the pike the dogfish apparently grabbed the frog as it sat idle in the water. When I picked the rod up to get the frog in the critter was already hooked and ironically swam towards the boat. When the slack went out of the line it was game on. The frog and double hook was toast.

For the last couple trips that 4" Ripper in a split color of pearl belly and pro blue back fished on a weighted hook from the Do-It mold has been a sure winner. The 1/8 ounce was cast on a #4 Gammy wide gap. Its just a super combo.
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