Author Topic: Yorker caps don’t fit pint bottles?  (Read 367 times)

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Yorker caps don’t fit pint bottles?
« on: 09/08/21 12:53 UTC »
On the store site it says the Yorker caps fit 5.5oz bottle and pint bottles... my order came in today and I had 2 5.5oz bottles (scent) and 4 pint bottles (worm oil, stabilizer, softener, hardener) there was only 2 Yorker caps in the package which fit the 5.5oz bottles but they don’t fit the pint bottles so is there different sized Yorker caps that fit the pints? Because I need 4 for my order and I wouldn’t have bought the pint size had I known they didn’t fit the Yorker caps

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Re: Yorker caps don’t fit pint bottles?
« Reply #1 on: 09/08/21 14:56 UTC »
Over the years I have used do-its pint bottles of softener and the Yorker caps always fit.  My last bottle the Yorker cap did not.  Good thing I saved the old bottle so I could just transfer the contents.  Couldn't tell you if it was just a change wit the current lot  or if its permanent.
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