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Crappie Spinner
« on: 12/05/21 20:03 UTC »
After seeing a previous post on the Crappie Spinner I figured this would be an enjoyable winter project (of many) to tinker on. Long story short couldn’t find one. After some digging around and fantastic customer service Zeiner’s hooked me up with the SJ-C1-S. It appears that this mold is almost if not identical to the Crappie Spinner mold but it sounds like the mold has been shelved by Do-It.
I powder painted these heads by mixing up smoke followed by some color shift pigment. Paired up with some color matching blades. I decided to make some up with a slightly heavier wire for a compact smallmouth spinner.

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Re: Crappie Spinner
« Reply #1 on: 12/06/21 09:15 UTC »
Those turned out great and look real good! I'm very fond of the small spinnerbaits and have a bunch I need to pour and have some that need to be powder coated. Fun lures to make for sure.  Those wire frames will work in the older bullet head spinner jig molds too in the 1/4 oz size if you have that mold. 

I'll also make some of the 1/8 oz with a heavier wire. Most of these I make are intended for the panfish in the lake, but I've caught enough bass on them to know that those little wires don't hold up as well.

Zeiner's are good folks to deal with, and Ben takes real good care of his customers.