Author Topic: 4.5" Dragon Tail Results  (Read 1445 times)

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4.5" Dragon Tail Results
« on: 12/04/12 10:09 UTC »
I took advantage of our unbelievable weather (62 degrees on Dec. 4 th) and took a vacation day with the specific objective of trying out some of the 4.5" Dragon Tail baits on the drop shot.

Bottom Line: They work !!!  I landed 6 largemouth on the "full size" (4.5" worm) and a bunch of crappies on the one that I pinched down to 2" and put it on the top hook. The crappies (and two BIG bluegills) really liked that bait! The largemouth came on both sized baits ...4 on the full size and 2 on the short version.

Now I'm all fired up to try that bait ....through the ice! We see a lot of largemouth on the camera and they do feed under the ice. I will try my best to record a video of one eating the Dragon Tail.....if we get good ice (kind of a way...taking the boat out on Dec. 4th vs. wondering if the ice is safe yet!).

I was fishing a yellow tail with a June bug body (both (4 drops yellow X2 in 4oz).
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