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 Two weeks ago I drove to a friends house to ride a group bicycle ride and wore a sweatshirt to her house. Last Saturday same thing. Since then it's been low to mid 90's and they keep calling for rain but never happens. They say tomorrow is suppose to rain and Monday cool off. We'll see.
Nice work
Been hot and dry in Central Arkansas for a couple weeks but we have had some thunderstorms and rain throughout state this past week. Just not at my place. Overall, going into the hot part of summer we have had sufficient rain here and there. The farmers should do alright and the lawns aren’t burned up yet.
About 10 or so days ago we got a nice drenched but nothing since.  The next 7 days is calling for mid to upper 90's with no chances of rain.  I believe you and I should work out a compromise.
Our ground has been saturated for three weeks and this current weather system of rain, rain, rain is leveling some concerns. I see I90 west of Albert Lea is closed due to water over it and I've never seen that before. Some areas of far northern MN are flooding big time. The mighty Mississippi is big time high water/near major flood levels from Red Wing south. Lake Pein was forecast to crest next Thursday at 16+ feet over but they raised it again today to over 19 feet the same time frame next week.

Nort central Iowa is getting excessive rain now too....think in terms of Do-It Headquarters.

So much for last year's drought and ground water shortages. I sure hope everyone is safe! Thunder has just begun again, and another huge red cell is moving in to add to the already torrents we've seen for the last couple hours.
General Discussion / Re: Frogs
« Last post by Lamar on Yesterday at 06:54 »
The KVD popping perch gets the job done for me !
Painting and Finishing Lures / Re: 5DD Pumpkinseeds
« Last post by Fatman on 06/20/24 23:07 UTC »
Wish I could paint like this!!  I'd be doing up a bunch of blade baits!!
Painting and Finishing Lures / Re: Diggin the perchies....
« Last post by Fatman on 06/20/24 23:06 UTC »
Sweet !!
Very Nice
Very nice!
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