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Erie Smallmouth
« on: 04/28/24 11:23 UTC »
Although a strong wind out of the east was a major negative on the fishing I did boat a few. These are definitely not a typical smallmouth that Iā€™m use to catching. The Do-It vibrating blade bait did some damage. Biggest were 20ā€ and a few 18ā€

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Re: Erie Smallmouth
« Reply #1 on: 04/28/24 11:51 UTC »
Those Great Lakes Smallies are something else.

We were in the Door County peninsula when I saw a couple Smallies chasing along the rip rap of the shipping channel, so I bought a license and chased Smallies. The smallest I caught of the 15-16 I landed was in the 21" range. I think that was the wildest couple hours of fishing I've ever had. Never saw a dink fish. Out of that clear, cold water those fish fought like they were on some sort of drugs.
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Re: Erie Smallmouth
« Reply #2 on: 04/28/24 19:45 UTC »
Nice fish fishermanbt! That sounds awesome.