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Title: Black Oxide Pigment (Terra) ... scorched
Post by: Cami on 09/27/20 17:25 UTC
Today has happened a really strange thing: I used in fresch plastisol a black oxide pigment and I realised some really shining black soft baits with the first micro wave cooking, instead when I tried to cook again the rests of 1st cooking I obtained scorched plastic. :'( When I cook the left overs I use every time a shorter cooking process and it is usually easier for me to cook the remaining plastic. I tried again with same quantity of plastic and same quantity of black oxide pigment and again I obtained good baits with 1st run and scorched plastic with the 2nd one. :o
With same plastisol I made two other batches using fluorescent yellow pigment: no troubles during the 1st run, nor during the following ones, only good baits, of course the color changed during repetead runs.
Is there anyone that can explicate the reason why I scorched the black batches during the 2nd runs?

Title: Re: Black Oxide Pigment (Terra) ... scorched
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 09/27/20 18:47 UTC
Don’t no anything about black oxide pigment but I’ve never had any trouble with black colorant.
Title: Re: Black Oxide Pigment (Terra) ... scorched
Post by: ctom on 09/28/20 14:11 UTC
Was this pigment added after the plastic was cooked to the first conversion temp. If so, there must be something in the pigment that is very temp sensitive and gets too hot too fast in the second cook.
Title: Re: Black Oxide Pigment (Terra) ... scorched
Post by: Cami on 09/28/20 17:34 UTC
Hi CTom, I added the pigment to the fresh plastisol and I mixed it a lot to avoid any lump. The 1st run went really good and perhaps I had to wait that the left overs could cool down, but ths is the first time that it happens to me.