Author Topic: Colors - hard or soft lures  (Read 604 times)

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Colors - hard or soft lures
« on: 03/02/22 23:45 UTC »
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Re: Colors - hard or soft lures
« Reply #1 on: 03/03/22 08:01 UTC »
I've seen it go both ways... I've experienced the right color on the exact same bait out-fish a "wrong" color 10 to 1, and I have also seen where profile and presentation -- regardless of color -- wins by almost the same margin (and I've done a LOT of experimenting with this).  These undeniable scenarios I note have been most evident with walleyes, but I have also seen them displayed with other game fish (although not as stark).  I can't say these hold for summer panfish (because I have never experimented with this), but I have seen it in ice fishing as well.

Like you state, "as long as the lure shape, size and action were right" fish will generally hit any given bait (because they most often target their prey by size and shape), but over the years color has made a difference that that I cannot ignore.