Author Topic: Do-It's panfish crank blanks.....  (Read 639 times)

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Do-It's panfish crank blanks.....
« on: 06/19/22 08:14 UTC »
.... are sweet!

I had a package of these guys on a hook on the wall and needed something to do yesterday in the afternoon, so I fired up the air brush for some simple pattern stuff. All three got a couple damp coats of the Go-To Clear in the Bait Blast paint selection. Then I added a blend of Bait Blast colors to get the green chartreuse used on the bellies of the top two and the back on the bottom bait. The blue on the top bait is a blended Bait Blast color as well. The middle bait's color scheme was shown the other day and has the same blue across the top and upper sides, then the transparent purple blend was applied across the back and just starting to trickle down the blue on the sides. A very thin, almost transparent Bait Blast black went across the very top then a clear coat using the Aloha color shift shown the other day wrapped up the colors. All three got a double dip in CS Seal Coat. The eyes are Do-It's 2.5 Attack series. All coats of paint were heat set between coats.

On the back of the center bait one can see the green/gold shift in color from the fiery red glitter color in the color shift pigment. Its a neat pigment.

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Re: Do-It's panfish crank blanks.....
« Reply #1 on: 06/21/22 16:16 UTC »
Wow neat those look really good tom and bet the crappie would destroy those.  Those attack series eyes look really good to on them.