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Big honker jigs....
« on: 09/03/22 12:40 UTC »
I cast up some of the 2,3 and 4 ounce Ultra Heads yesterday, on 8/0 tinned hooks [Do-It # 5018, and decided against powder paint since I have not got an air bed. So, Bait Blast it was.


I started with a watered down, very thin black that went on the whole jig. A stark white  went over the bellies fairly heavy and then a tin coat went over the black on the sides. I added a substantial amount of blue hi lite to the Go-To-Pearl, which also got thinned out a bit and was shot over the sides. To finish, the backs got a quick layer of black. After the Precision Pearl and Solar Shad eyes were in place the heads got a dunking in CS Seal Coat. They really are not as dark along the sides as the picture shows.

These will be used for Lake Trout Jigging on Lake Superior. Some guys tie these in bucktail, some use plastics. Either way, they catch some super duty fish. Right now people are poking quite a few Lakers in the 20-25 range using heads in the three- and four-ounce range rigged with huge 6" custom made tubes and swim baits. I can see the 6" Ripper doing damage. I've seen some tinsel jigs of this size but I think that it makes too much flash, but then one never knows.

The big jigs and stout baits have been working super good out at Isle Royale for those making that 45 minute trip. East side of the island has been dishing up the larger fish.

For giggles I put that 1/24 head with a size 4 hook in for reference to size.
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Re: Big honker jigs....
« Reply #1 on: 09/03/22 20:10 UTC »
Very nice as usual Tom.