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Lake Trout food
« on: 09/12/22 12:06 UTC »
The swim Heads are airbrushed with white, then Go-To-Pearl, then the very tops got a very thin coat of the Bait Blast Transparent Blue. Some Ninja Shad eyes and CS Sealcoat have sealed the deal.
 The treble hooks and spinner body with some beads make up the tube insert with one shown mounted so ya’ll can see what they look like ready to fish.

The 4” plastics are all done with X2 White and some Essential Pearl. Actually a ton of the pearl. To finish the plastic I stirred in about 1/4 teaspoon of uv enhancer in each of the 4 ounce batches used to make these baits.

The Lakers have begun their fall migration now and both of these bait types will be getting a workout later this month
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