Author Topic: Swim shad/ lead/plastic mold  (Read 3852 times)

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Swim shad/ lead/plastic mold
« on: 12/17/12 17:37 UTC »
This would be a open pour mold (swim shad) that you could suspend a jig in with two wires (one wire through the line tie, second wire under the hook barb) This way the jig would be completly covered in plastic like the northwoods jigs. This could be done with all the sizes of swim shads, carrots, and a lot of other caneycreekmolds!

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Re: Swim shad/ lead/plastic mold
« Reply #1 on: 12/18/12 08:23 UTC »
i like this idea not a big user of jigs but if it could be inserted into the injection mold i'm all for it.