Author Topic: Summer's last trip to the cabin  (Read 709 times)

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Summer's last trip to the cabin
« on: 09/17/20 10:22 UTC »
Carole and I left on the 8th of this month and came home on the 15th. Got the mowing wrapped up on the day we arrived and the rest of the time was spent either fishing or checking on the fall colors.

Not one fish was caught, but I had several follows and one short hook-up. Lots of tiny Cohos and a few herring were hanging around the breakwater but still even the locals were getting shunned. But it wasn't wasted time as the sunrises were something else. The picture is of last Sunday morning at 6AM looking over Lake Superior. The lake was tame the entire time were there.

In the week we were there the fall colors went from so-so to "all right!". The summer had been unusually dry and rains that fell recently did little to help the trees out and the colors as a result were absolutely high impact, and spread like smoke from day to day. We did a day long moose search that took us about 100 miles....found fresh tracks along a gravel road that went for a half-mile, so fresh that the tracks were in fresh grading and we caught up to the grader about 20 miles later. We saw red fox and coyotes and garter snakes by the dozen along with a few deer. The bucks are now short of velvet and every buck we saw wore bone. Still, on this day the colors was what tripped our triggers. In a week it should be prime time.

On Sunday instead of watching football we sat in the yard with sunflower seed and tortured the chipmunks into eating out of Carole' hand. The Chickadees were thick and soon they too were enjoying her treats from the hand. I spread a few seeds on her back while she was leaning over while tempting chippers and the chickadees were all over her.

We had a great trip even though its always sort of sad knowing its the final one of the year. Had a great time though and will now look forward to next spring.

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Re: Summer's last trip to the cabin
« Reply #1 on: 09/17/20 11:44 UTC »
Hate to see summer come to a end. Love fall, but hate all the work. Boats to take out of the lake and a pier to take up. Hope we have a long fall...


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Re: Summer's last trip to the cabin
« Reply #2 on: 09/17/20 18:01 UTC »
Awesome pic TOM glad that we all got to see another season come and go.
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Re: Summer's last trip to the cabin
« Reply #3 on: 09/17/20 21:05 UTC »
That's such a beautiful pic tom.   Fall is coming fast here in Ohio we've been getting some chilly nights.