Author Topic: I'm all dialed in....  (Read 840 times)

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I'm all dialed in....
« on: 09/25/20 17:00 UTC »
....for the deer season. I hit the gun club this morning to shoot two of the black powder rifles and the black powder pistol. The two rifles print 5 shots at 100 yards in about 7/8". The pistol is right at an inch at 50 yards. So....I am ready for the time in the woods.

More importantly, having this task out of the way allows me unfettered time to fish. Got a funeral Monday morning, then I'm free to fish until November 7th.

I have been busy making a number of baits, mostly the larger wax wigglers and 1.5" Thump-Its, and putting them in jars of Gulp juice. Call me nuts but the largest crappies of the last trip along with the largest of the sunfish on that trip all came off those 2 baits that had been soaking in the gulp juice since last fall. The baits did not fade or opaque nor did they lose any resiliency. Fished side by side with identical baits NOT stored in the juice, those in the bath took the honors on size and numbers. SO....I'm stocking up on gulp juice enhanced plastics and can say I'm dialed in in that regard too..
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Re: I'm all dialed in....
« Reply #1 on: 09/25/20 17:54 UTC »
Glad that your still able to partake in hunting and all is right for the season. Hope to see pics of your fall fishing trips.
May your days be filled with sun shine and you always have a tight line. AMEN

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Re: I'm all dialed in....
« Reply #2 on: 09/26/20 06:16 UTC »
Wack a big buck! We all love to hear about your sausage recipes. I'm going to have to try some Gulp!

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Re: I'm all dialed in....
« Reply #3 on: 09/26/20 07:27 UTC »
  I'm pretty much a power fisherman for bass but the other week we went smallmouth fishing and my buddy said we're going to drop shot today. So I set up a spinning rod and bought some Max Scent Flatnose Minnows. It was like night and day difference between that and one that wasn't Max Scent. The problem with it was everything hit it. Goby's, small perch and all the other little fish that are down there. It was an all day tat tat tat on your line. You had to learn the big bites from the little ones. What did help is I have a Mega 360 on the front and we would scan the ledges and flats to find bigger fish and cast to them knowing that bite could be what we're looking for. So I've come to believe that on a moving bait that scent doesn't do you much good but on a bait where they come up and suck it in then it's the real deal.