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Color Cookbook
Post a picture and recipe for your favorite colors!
182Last post by Slow Burn
on 04/10/19 12:40 UTC
Craw Photos
100Last post by Bass in the hood
black & red craw
on 01/26/19 20:03 UTC
Creature Baits
Creature Bait Photos
129Last post by Porkrind
Hulk Frog W/ Some Captai...
on 05/12/18 20:57 UTC
Frogs and Lizards
Frog and Lizard Photos
127Last post by HOODLUM
Some Frogs we do
on 09/03/18 05:50 UTC
Worms and Sticks
Worm and Stick Photos
271Last post by Bass in the hood
Super stinger trout
on 02/24/19 13:52 UTC
Swim and Jerk Baits
Swim and Jerk Bait Photos
417Last post by Bass in the hood
Super Stinger Trout
on 12/27/18 09:38 UTC
Grub and Tube Baits
Grub and Tube Photos
110Last post by WALLEYE WACKER
3” Essential
on 02/10/18 19:12 UTC
Pan Fish Baits
Pan Fish Bait Photos
274Last post by DF
Motor Oil Mayfly
on 03/25/19 09:06 UTC
Hand Pours
Hand Pour Photos
53Last post by CrappieCat
hand pour tool
on 03/21/18 19:10 UTC
Jigs and Spinners
Share pics of your jigs, spinners and other non plastic baits.
230Last post by BareKnuckleJigs
on 05/14/19 09:09 UTC
Why we do it!
Fish Photos!!!
432Last post by WALLEYE WACKER
Magnum chatter bait blad...
on 03/05/19 01:09 UTC
Miscellaneous Pics
Post pics of gear, nature, your laboratory, boats, etc. here...
465Last post by billygee
Hardbait Blanks
on 04/28/19 14:59 UTC

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