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Title: smokin blue
Post by: tim on 04/01/18 10:18 UTC
does any one have a recipes fore zooms smoking blue
Title: Re: smokin blue
Post by: ctom on 04/01/18 10:57 UTC
Happy Easter Tim and welcome to the Do-It forums.

Your Zoom color should be a fairly simple one. I'd start by adding a small chunk of black plastic to 4 ounces of raw plastic and cooking until the two can be mixed at the 350 degrees. If you need to "smoke" the plastic a bit more I'd add another small chunk of black and some stabilizer and mix them in good and then heat in spurts of about 20 seconds and stirring well  before the next shot of heat. Heat only until you can stir the black in. Hold off on the glitter until you have the degree of smoke you want, then add some .040 black and .040 ocean blue. The Zoom color plate doesn't show the color with a ton of flake in it but add whatever you like. You could also use the navy blue. Flake size is really optional here too. .015 is a nice size and you can mix-n-match sizes if you like.

It'll be easier to get the degree of smoke you need to match the Zoom color using black that's already a plastic. Drops can get things too smoky in a hurry, but if you opt for the liquid of colorant you can use a toothpick dipped in the color and stirred in well until you get what you want and if you get things a tad bit too dark you can add raw plastic and re-cook. On thin smokes like the Zoom bait shows that toothpick trick is the cat's meow for liquid colorant. 
Title: Re: smokin blue
Post by: tim on 04/01/18 11:20 UTC
thanks ctom new to the forum  been doing this for about a year still got a lot to learn

                             thanks again
Title: Re: smokin blue
Post by: ctom on 04/01/18 11:26 UTC
Keep at it and read these the old posts too, and you'll find a ton of hints and tips and suggestions. Fun hobby and nothing feels better than taking one of your own baits out of a fish's chops.