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Title: To the top.....
Post by: ctom on 08/16/18 15:43 UTC
.....of the US. Carole and I drove up to join friends at their cabin property about 30 miles north of Orr, Minnesota....or within a stone's throw of the border with Canada. Actually I could have cast into Canadian water at one point....but since I wasn't licensed for such a stunt, it didn't happen.

We spent one day on Ash Lake fishing panfish, bass walleye and pike with fair success and another day beating the tar out of Lake Kabatogama and Lake Namegon, both being border waters with the Canuks. We also did some ATVing in big woods which was something else. The trip was too short, but it was a fun one.
Title: Re: To the top.....
Post by: Lamar on 08/17/18 05:51 UTC
  I'll being driving through Orr two weeks from today. I remember when the kids were young and we drove through there they would say Eee Orr. It's a pretty area.
Title: Re: To the top.....
Post by: ctom on 08/17/18 07:05 UTC
When we left Orr yesterday morning it was cool and bright sunshine. As we drove down Highway 53 towards the Highway 33 junction we take home and got just outside of Virginia we hit fog from Lake Superior that had blown inland. Superior is 70 miles away. As the fog lifted the trees along the Highway were coated with the heavy dew that reflected light from the sun like frost would giving them a white sparkly appearance. Crazy cool how the fog got that far inland.

The new Highway 53 bridge in Virginia is something else. I think I read where the bridge is like 200 feet above the ore-pit lake below and that the ore pit itself is over 200 feet deep. The bridge isn't as long as I thought it would be but my not caring for heights it was plenty long. lol

Here's Carole on a sight-seeing mission....


And here's one of the locals....

Title: Re: To the top.....
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 08/17/18 13:00 UTC
Always great to hear of you and carols adventures.