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Title: A little comparison....
Post by: ctom on 02/06/20 10:26 UTC
I wanted to do something with the rest of the cup of the color shift smoke plastic I used with the Bubba Scud the other day so I grabbed the Crappie Fluke mold and hand poured some bellies using a fairly clear plastic loaded with Party Crasher Glitter. I added a small chunk of black to the smoke color shift, heated and injected the fluke mold. As the picture shows, the color shift has gone in an entirely different direction today with the more intense purple wanting to come out and not so much of the green.


By moving the baits into a fully shaded area the green and blue bounces out pretty good but then the camera's filtering messes with the picture. The baits on the right side that appear thin in color are "just" showing a hint of the yellow/gold that comes out on the surface of a black bait. From experience, if these were used in the water they'd reflect all four of the colors.
Title: Re: A little comparison....
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 02/06/20 10:40 UTC
That will get it done TOM .
Title: Re: A little comparison....
Post by: Les Young on 02/08/20 19:11 UTC
Not a thing wrong with them Tom.