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Title: Lure finish
Post by: Gw Carter on 03/18/20 08:00 UTC
Does anyone foil their lures and what kind of patterns do you use
Title: Re: Lure finish
Post by: ctom on 03/18/20 08:45 UTC
Welcome to the Do-It forums Gw.

Personally I don't foil any of my jigs but there has been some info shared here about it. I'm thinking that Kasilofchrisn offered some stuff about this a few years ago...its been quite a while. Maybe he or someone else with experience in the process will hop on this question for you.

In the meanwhile, here's a link with several places to peek at the process.

Again, welcome.
Title: Re: Lure finish
Post by: Cami on 03/18/20 15:08 UTC
Hi, the cheapest way is the nail art foil with its vinyl glue. If you use dark pattern you should apply the foil on a base color with same tint.
The best method is using hot stamping foil with not alcholic "Mission" glue.
Process is the same for both foils: attached video.
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Just my two cents (as you say).

Title: Re: Lure finish
Post by: Lines on 03/18/20 20:13 UTC
Welcome to Gw Carter.
Title: Re: Lure finish
Post by: andrewlamberson on 03/18/20 21:43 UTC
I have foiled some crankbaits and they look nice. But painting them looked just as good.
Title: Re: Lure finish
Post by: ctom on 04/04/20 21:02 UTC
I ordered some foil right after this thread got started. Its was supposed to be here from China sometime in early May. It came today. Already wiped it down with bug

The foil did not come with the glue so that got ordered tonight and should be here on Thursday of this next week. I'm anxious to foil some of the tiny cranks before painting.
Title: Re: Lure finish
Post by: Kasilofchrisn on 04/10/20 02:03 UTC
Yes I foil a bunch of lead based jigs.
I buy foil off of eBay as many other sources want you to buy large quantities.
I devised a system using silicone high heat mats and a woodworkers vice to add my foil.
It's heat set so I stopped using the foil adhesive and it works great.
Heat the jig apply foil then squeeze in my vise between silicone pads.
You will need a good topcoat though.