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Title: Right out of the garden
Post by: ctom on 07/29/20 09:45 UTC
Tomatoes, garlic, shallots and basil all chopped up and mixed with olive oil, seasoned salt and a touch of honey' This will go to the fridge until tomorrow afternoon, then about a half a cup of coarse grated parmesan cheese will be added, then it gets drained in a colander. I'll slice a loaf of Italian bread in half then split it length-wise into a top and bottom. I make garlic butter by pressing a clove of garlic thru a press then blending it into butter at room temp. This gets spread on the bread halves and they then get browned up in the oven's broiler. The tomato mixture is spread across the bread halves and goes back in the broiler for maybe five minutes on a medium shelf height on high heat broiler. Then its dig in and chase vampires away for a couple days.

This is a great meal the day before the inlaws show up. lol

Title: Re: Right out of the garden
Post by: WALLEYE WACKER on 07/29/20 11:11 UTC
Tasty looking treat TOM. The best time of the gardening season is the first batch of tomato’s and corn.