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Re: Ice plastics
« Reply #30 on: 10/16/17 06:24 UTC »
Been through the ice a few times myself, but not fishing. Went through breaking openings for decoys, duck hunting. I gave up the Miller Lite some years back, but still agree with the statement. :D

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Re: Ice plastics
« Reply #31 on: 10/16/17 18:25 UTC »
I somewhat agree on the people who claim to be experts or great fisherman judt because they own rlectronics, but If one uses electronics as a tool to improve themselves and or uses electronics to find things that otherwise cannot be found like submerged trees, stumps, vegetation, cribs, etc, they can be a great tool.

I own a vexilar and most recently a humminbird 9 mega SI. I'm not claiming to be an expert at using them or a great fisherman, but I let my pictures speak for themselves ;). Man, do I love the humminbird. I have found sop many cribs, structure, stumps that hold fish in the middle of NOWHERE!! more particularly on a lake that I have been fishing for 10 years. Decided to scan part of a bay that I have never saw a role fish before , and wouldn't you know. Loaded with cribs and fish!!!