Author Topic: Crappies were snappin again....  (Read 680 times)

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Crappies were snappin again....
« on: 11/15/17 06:09 UTC »
A friend and I got a good early start Tuesday morning and had ourselves on the docks just as it got light enough to see your line. There was a light drizzle/mist in the air and the winds were light and out of a good direction so everything fell into place except the crappies. Or any fish for that matter. After an hour we decided a move was in store so we hustled back to the vehicle and took about a half hour drive south to a backwater area with a little current in it and it was a good move.

Under a small float about five feet our 1/24 ballheads seemed to be just about in the faces of the fish and they must have liked what we had hung on the jigs because the ate well. I had a clear/bluegill glitter/chartreuse tail 1.5" Thump-It strung on and it was a fish a cast for two hours. Nice fish too.

We put together a bag of 15 fish between us that are now on their way to becoming pickled fish for the holidays. I may have to run back down there for a quick session again on Thursday morning. Man these late fall fish slam a jig. Fun.

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Re: Crappies were snappin again....
« Reply #1 on: 11/15/17 08:26 UTC »
Sounds like a good time, Tom.  So many things to do this time of year in the woods and on the water. 

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Re: Crappies were snappin again....
« Reply #2 on: 11/15/17 11:12 UTC »
A buddy of mine is wanting me to go crappie fishing this weekend but it’s my daughters birthday so I don’t see it happening. Crappie and hush puppies sure does sound good. It’s a beautiful day for it here nice cool breeze but not cold. I’m running around town with the sun roof open. Wish I was on vacation this week. Although I hope when I am off in 3 weeks it’s cold as it can be so the trout get active. This is truly my favorite time of year makes me really love life and the outdoors. I don’t get how people sit around inside playing video games all day and night
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Re: Crappies were snappin again....
« Reply #3 on: 11/15/17 11:59 UTC »
Another great outing with a friend. Can’t bet some pickled fish.