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Eastwood powder coating
« on: 12/13/17 07:28 UTC »
Has anybody of you used the Eastwood brand of powder paint?
Does it "behave" in the fluid bed?
Also, it states that it has to cure for 20 minutes at 400F (205 C) and i feel that is a bit long/ high temp.
Anybody tried with less heat/time an at what results?

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Re: Eastwood powder coating
« Reply #1 on: 12/13/17 08:05 UTC »
I took a look at the site and they do have an amazing array of powder colors. I haven't a clue as to how well the powder handles in an air bed but since its alongside powder oriented air brushes on the site I'd assume its like many other powder coats and will work fine unless its taken on moisture. I also check out several of the colors I found interesting and found cure times of anywhere from 20 minutes to "under an hour" listed at fairly high temps. The 400 degrees bothers me so I'd pass on the stuff personally.

The site was short on pearl colors and glitters.

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Re: Eastwood powder coating
« Reply #2 on: 12/14/17 23:49 UTC »
I haven't tried them but have seen some Youtube videos where people seem satisfied with Eastwood powders for coating cast Boolits.
400*f doesn't worry me a bit.
But I don't make jigs with weed guards.
I would guess though a base hole pin and epoxy them in would solve that.

For some good powders at great prices check out Cadmans custom jigs.
Hard to beat $7 per pound.
I have used several of his paints and am very satisfied.
And he is a member here.
Color choices are limited though.

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