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Re: The Shiner's larger kin....
« Reply #15 on: 01/01/18 09:43 UTC »
Andy...have you tried the auto air directly on a shiny, fresh cast head? No undercoat

No, I always do an undercoat of Auto Air base white or silver. The silver really goes on nice and it makes a really nice silver jig all by itself. I reduce it 50% and it goes on as a really light coat that drys super fast. It really shows the details of the mold. I think it's going to be my "go to" minnow color for my jigs.

I don't have any Auto Air colors (since I have a bunch of 1st gen. Createx and Wicked colors) but next time we are in Rochester or La Crosse I'm going to pick a couple up.
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Re: The Shiner's larger kin....
« Reply #16 on: 01/01/18 10:01 UTC »
I sure like the finish by going directly over the lead while its shiny. No issues doing it whatever. I've thought about the silver undercoat for dulled lead but as yet haven't gone that route.  I have messed with the color shifting pearls in a thin clear over-coat on dark colors but haven't figured out how to get a decent picture yet....pretty much need to have these in your hand to see what's happening. Beautiful, but camera shy.

There's definitely two different schools between what you do and I do. I really love the ultra bright, shiny, transparent baits I make....most certainly not natural, while your example in the moss green is a shining example of a very natural looking bait.

I'll also toss out here that working with the larger heads is a bit more forgiving than trying to get more than a couple colors on small heads, like the 1/16 and 1/8 I showed in the other thread. At least for getting started I found the larger heads are ticket.