Author Topic: Two tone (back/belly) Thump grubs  (Read 477 times)

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Two tone (back/belly) Thump grubs
« on: 01/25/18 20:42 UTC »
Maybe this has been done but, I couldn't find anything in the archives. I played around a bit with this tonight using some oddball colors that I had left over(transparent/translucent). I hand poured half of the body then took those and put them in the mold as the belly section and then injected the 2nd color for the back and tail. Turned out pretty good. Gonna try this weekend with black back or possibly a dark gray and a whitish belly. Have had really good luck with black/white shad and black/white minnow gulp in Canada, if I can pull this procedure off I will be really stoked.

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Re: Two tone (back/belly) Thump grubs
« Reply #1 on: 01/25/18 20:56 UTC »
I hand pour the belly of my craw mold, then inject the top with a darker color.  I like doing laminates that way.