Author Topic: Poor mans platting  (Read 1358 times)

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Poor mans platting
« on: 01/26/18 08:47 UTC »
Stumbled on oldie, but a goodie this am digging in some hidden tackle trays. While searching for a cheaper alternative to electroplating I found a suitable method. Foil transfer paper! Using a two part epoxy lightly brushed to one side at a time then laying down flat onto the foil till dried. Then Slowly peeling each one back to ensure proper transfer of the foil. Repeat for other side then a dip in some clear. In this case it’s glisten PC!

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Re: Poor mans platting
« Reply #1 on: 01/26/18 09:04 UTC »
I think it was Kasilofchrisn who did a really nice write-up on a similar technique a couple or three years back. I had ideas that I was going to try his technique and just never got to it but what you're doing here should certainly work ok. This is a cool idea. I've seen foils such as this in Hobby Lobby and Michaels and JoAnns Fabric's crafts sections. Another source might be in woodworkers supply houses where gilding appliques use the thin foils. Pretty nifty trick here!

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Re: Poor mans platting
« Reply #2 on: 01/26/18 10:35 UTC »
Awesome!  Great looking one-eyes