Author Topic: "Cheburashka" mold and wire forms  (Read 831 times)

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"Cheburashka" mold and wire forms
« on: 02/15/18 04:11 UTC »

I`ve been using a selfmade poison swing tail adaptation of the east european "cheburashka"- jig with very good results. This russian design with a slit instead of a molded-in wire form is becoming very popular over here. This german page shows the principle:

Its a pretty slick design. I would very much apreciate a Do-It mold and wire form.

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Re: "Cheburashka" mold and wire forms
« Reply #1 on: 02/15/18 07:41 UTC »
That’s is pretty cool looking
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Re: "Cheburashka" mold and wire forms
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That will get the job done. And do you use that bait for pike or perch.