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Glass Media Bead
« on: 04/15/18 13:21 UTC »
Hey Guys!

New to the using Glass Media Bead for senkos. Could you guys provide me which Glass Media Beads you guys are buying and using?


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Re: Glass Media Bead
« Reply #1 on: 04/15/18 14:53 UTC »
I can offer a welcome to the Do-It forums but I don't use the glass media so I can't help with that. There are others who will chime in on it though.

Again, welcome aboard!
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Re: Glass Media Bead
« Reply #2 on: 04/15/18 15:21 UTC »
Welcome aboard !

Search Glass bead media and you will find lots of info and an eBay link to order the right stuff.

Here is a link..with links !
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Re: Glass Media Bead
« Reply #3 on: 04/15/18 15:45 UTC »
I'm currently experimenting with different sizes of glass beads. I followed the link on the forum and used the recommended size of 12 mil but this also clouded up the bait. the larger the mil size (grit) the clearer the bait is with the beads. All my experiments so far have been with 1 tbsp per 2oz of plastic about the same amount of salt I'm currently using. The glass beads do weigh more about 5 grams more per tbsp. The 1 mil produced the clearest bait (very clear) but it is difficult to work with trying to keep it suspended before injection. I'm currently working with a AB size mil (equivalent to 6 mil I think) inseams to be the best so far its clearer then salt and small enough to suspend long enough to inject into a mold. I'm also using some glass beads and salt together working on a combo but this is still a work in progress. The 4 mil size my be the best but I do not have that one. I currently have 12, 10, 8, AB, and 1 I will gladly take any advise anyone may have on this subject. The glass beads do make the baits more durable well keeping their softness. I use CC soft plastic the most from Do-It.  I do not add additional softner.