Author Topic: Trouble pouring 6" senko do it molds  (Read 1546 times)

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Re: Trouble pouring 6" senko do it molds
« Reply #15 on: 04/23/18 14:42 UTC »
Right at the nose of each bait where the runner leaves off. Use a Dremel with a cone-stone and very slightly take off the edge at that point and then do a test shot.

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Re: Trouble pouring 6" senko do it molds
« Reply #16 on: 04/27/18 21:08 UTC »

My first attempt at increasing the sprue width and deepening the gates was done with a dremel tool. This did improve the mold somewhat. I friend of mind took it to his machine shop and did a better job. Now the plastic flows through much better and I can shoot at any temperature without the sprue extender. The gates at the tip of the cavity where the plastic runs in at was probably the issues just widening and deepening these a little should do the trick without widening the sprue itself. I was also told increasing the vents may also help.
The photo of the modified mold is in the gallery for some reason its not posting.
I can provide a better explanation if you contact me directly or
text/call Kirk 951-764-3632
I hope this helps.