Author Topic: Wobble jig with red worms  (Read 216 times)

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Wobble jig with red worms
« on: 06/14/18 08:52 UTC »
I got a project for you...
Last year i did use the wobble jig with red worm on it after trout in my river, draging it along the bottom.
I did snip of the baitholder on the shaft so that i could get more wigglers on the hook.
But offcourse the worms did sag down to the bend.
Now, do you have any sugestions tho make an 570 hook more like an baitholder hook on the shaft for wigglers?
I have tried tying on some "wirekeepers" as i do for plastics but feel it kind of fill up the shaft.

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Re: Wobble jig with red worms
« Reply #1 on: 06/14/18 10:01 UTC »

I have had a similar challenge with small soft bait sliding down

was thought a little trick that kept it on longer
try tying on some unwaxed dental floss with a drop of super glue
No Guarantee but worked for me