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Keitech color
« on: 07/08/18 23:38 UTC »
Good evening, I'm trying to make the  keitech electric bluegill
Color.  Any pointers or tips?

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Re: Keitech color
« Reply #1 on: 07/09/18 08:37 UTC »
Welcome to the Do-It forums if you didn't get the welcome in March!

This color is pretty laid back at first glance but could be a fun one to match. I think, based on the colors from my monitor, that your going to want to look at either green pumpkin/brown pumpkin or green watermelon/brown watermelon blends, but either way kept relatively thin in color density so light can move thru the plastic. The worm shown in this color is definitely a laminate and is hard to tell whether one side is stronger in color than the other , but it appears that the top and bottom are basically the same color but one side's plastic has the purple glitter along with just a tad of both green and black.

I'd cook up two identical batches, adding the glitter to one. I'd use .015 purple and about 1/10 the amount of green in .015 and about 1/10 the amount in .008 other words use darned little green and black if any at all. I see the green and black in the picture from Keitech but hardly any. The glitter will help darken the one batch of plastic and will help tone down the overall color of the bait when laminated so I'd keep the plastic basically thin until you see what the colors do with each other laminated..