Author Topic: Is the bait too big...???  (Read 299 times)

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Is the bait too big...???
« on: 08/02/18 10:26 UTC »
Hi guys.
I did take a day off from work and did some trout fishing.
Some of the fish did just follow my 2 inch curly and then the thougths started, is the bait too big....
Well, its not only the perch who will take on "big" stuff..
This one did come out of nowhere and snached it.
He allmost tried to swallow it.

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Re: Is the bait too big...???
« Reply #1 on: 08/02/18 11:50 UTC »
What size trout are you trying to catch?
What size minnows are those fish eating?

When I am fishing streamers to 12 - 14 Browns on theupper sections of the Root river I fish streamers that are about 1.5". So i wouldn't think a 2" is too big if you want 14" plus Browns. I have fished 1" long curly tails on the rivers here and they pretty much caught everything!

When I'm fishing the lower Root for BIG Browns my streamers are at least 6". I have a buddy that fishes lures and curly tail jigs down there and he throws some really big baits. But he is fishing for 5 - 10 lb Browns! (There are a lot of big sucker minnows coming out of the Mississippi river to spawn).

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Re: Is the bait too big...???
« Reply #2 on: 08/02/18 20:11 UTC »
Yup I solely fish 2.5”-3” baits for crappie and catch 5-6” often on it.