Author Topic: Another Rite Hete pot test  (Read 257 times)

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Another Rite Hete pot test
« on: 08/05/18 21:25 UTC »
I thought I would put the Rite Hete pots and the plastisol to another test. About a month ago I finished an order for some Dill Pickle colored baits. Darker green pumpkin tops, with lighter chartruese green bottom. After completing the order I decided to let both pots cool with the plastic still inside. I have been very busy at work and with guns lately and finally had a chance to get back to plastics yesterday. I got the pots out 35 days later. With the hardened plastic in the pots, I plugged both pots in and set the temps to 365°. After about 30 minutes the plastisol was liquified. After stirring to lift the black glitter flakes from the bottom, I decided to shoot a new mold that I purchased from one of our forum members. Shoots came out beautiful. I compared the colors to some of the pieces of the order 35 days previous and could not see any difference in color at all. Another serious test of the Rite Hete pots, and they both passed with not only flying colors, but the exact same color retention. My next test will be one that has really been scaring me to try is.....white! Bright white. We'll see how it goes, and I'll post results either good or bad.


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Re: Another Rite Hete pot test
« Reply #1 on: 08/06/18 00:03 UTC »
Glade that they work so well for you