Author Topic: Vac 50 and getting the addiction  (Read 202 times)

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Vac 50 and getting the addiction
« on: 08/06/18 19:49 UTC »
Im new..just want to have my own
Personal crappie much success can a person have with alumilite..and what kind of price to be expected from a 6 cavity fry mold to be made?

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Re: Vac 50 and getting the addiction
« Reply #1 on: 08/06/18 20:43 UTC »
Welcome to the Do-It forums Chameleon.

I putz with making sing cavity molds, mostly hand pour numbers and have some success but if I want great baits, I inject them in cut molds. The fry series of molds that Do-It offers are the easiest of the easiest to inject and consistently hand you super quality baits. The fry series molds also are super simple to manipulate to get a whole world of color options and for what they deliver the fry series molds are not that spendy.

I understand the idea behind making the mold and the baits from it but I also know of the other side to the coin and the flops that precede any kind of success. I've done plaster of paris, alumilite, and several different brands of silicone [rtv] and nothing can compare to the cut injection molds.