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« on: 08/11/18 14:29 UTC »
Been doing some digging and not finding a ton. If I have a bunch of plastics that are beat up and junk, can I melt them down to pour into something else. (I’m a neat freak in the boat so when I’m bass fishing the junk senkos and works get out into separate bags.

Is there any risks involved with doing this?

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Re: Re-melts
« Reply #1 on: 08/11/18 15:12 UTC »
 None at all. I remelt my baits all the time. I wouldn't remelt power bait stuff but all others is fine. When I first started this I had bags and bags of plastics that they gave me at tournaments. I liked many of the colors but wasn't baits that I normally would use. So I sorted them all out, melted them down and injected into molds of baits I liked. All The odd colors I added black and made black baits. It worked fine and I told my wife see this is why I never tossed that stuff like you wanted me to.

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Re: Re-melts
« Reply #2 on: 08/11/18 15:24 UTC »
I remelt anything I pour.

Don't take a chance on any store-bought baits, you don't know what other "stuff" they used that could be an inhalation hazard.
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Re: Re-melts
« Reply #3 on: 08/11/18 18:57 UTC »
 I also don't think you should not melt down any Z Man products. I try to stay with same brand plastics, myself. Sometimes, two different brands mixed together, has caused me problems. Not very often, but I have had it to happen.

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Re: Re-melts
« Reply #4 on: 08/11/18 19:17 UTC »
Nothing wrong with your own poured remelts

Problems may occur when venturing into compatibility with other plastics

One thing to keep in mind moisture and hot plastic don't get along
which could result in some nasty consequences if unknowingly mixed

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Re: Re-melts
« Reply #5 on: 08/11/18 20:06 UTC »
No Powerbait, Gulp or anything made with Z-man Elaztech.  I've remelted Strike King, Zoom, Netbait, Reaction Innovations and a few others without issue.  Throw in a little fresh plastisol with the scraps and you should be good to go.  Be careful not to remelt anything that has absorbed water and become swollen.  Senkos are bad about that so if you plan on remelting them be safe.

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Re: Re-melts
« Reply #6 on: 08/13/18 08:51 UTC »
Remelting is fine except don't expect glitter not to shrink and fade to white. Most slear or translucent plastics turn
yellow after too many reheats and then I have to add opaque dyes (like the black dye mentioned). Even pumpkin
colored plastic will darken. Not sure if reheated plastic loses softness.

Will heat stabilizer prevent plastic from darkening? What brand? Stabilizer from LC is worthless.
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