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1. build a mold (lego + steel/glass/plastic plate and some hot glue to hold it)
.mix up som silicone..just to hold the lure in place. and let it dry..this way the lure will stay in place

2.put som rubber band on 2 perforated steel plate
(so silicones can run on the other side and into the small they are molded into the mold )

3.put in silicone to cover the lure and the 2 steel plate

4.heat up a hot glue rod will hold the 2 steel plate
(the hot glue stick is just to hold the plates in place. and you can remove it after the silicone is dry. )

5.time to turn the molde over..and cut it clean one more leayer of lego.put in silicone to cover the mold (not to much) 3 to 5 mm (an let it dry)

7.take off the lego and cut it open to take the lure (only cut just what is needed to get it out)
(do NOT cut out to the edge)
draw a line and squeeze the two plates (light pressure) together when cutting (use a exacto knife)

 To use it:
press together the 2 steel plate with one hand and pour with the other one down the crack.
And slowly let go so it closes  the crack.
(and wear gloves)

cleanup is easy.Only a thin layer that can be removed without problems

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