Author Topic: The "new" hot Laker color  (Read 395 times)

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The "new" hot Laker color
« on: 09/08/18 18:33 UTC »
...or so the locals in Two Harbors say. Apparently this color scheme can't hardly be found up there right now but I know a guy who can paint these things. We'll have to see.

This is a silver blank left silver on the back side, then given a white coat. The white was split with a rough template for spraying the fluorescent orange on one half of the blade, then coating the other half with ultra glow pigment mixed into a small amount of clear gloss Createx and brush applied. Once the last colors got heat set the blades were dipped in CS Sealcoat, in this case the UV Flash variety.

Its not the best picture but the glow lights up in slight shade... like under the computer desk where the picture was just taken.


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Re: The "new" hot Laker color
« Reply #1 on: 09/08/18 18:53 UTC »
That will get there attention. Will be see more smoked fish pics using them.