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Bladed jig
« on: 09/18/18 18:33 UTC »
I’m having problems with using the poison swingtail mold. I’ve made dozens of bladed jigs wth this mold and there all breaking! I’m just fed up and need a new mold.

Is there a flat eye jig mold out there so I don’t have to modify? I can’t seem to find one

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Re: Bladed jig
« Reply #1 on: 09/19/18 01:05 UTC »
What part is actually breaking if you don’t mind? I’m assuming the hook eye but don’t know for sure. I know quite a few people have had luck soldering them back closed then filing it down. I’m actually very good at brazing and have thought numerous times about giving that a shot as it for sure would hold up.

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Re: Bladed jig
« Reply #2 on: 09/19/18 03:39 UTC »
You might try using a spinnerbait hook and a figure 8 connector link.


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Re: Bladed jig
« Reply #3 on: 09/19/18 09:42 UTC »
Cut hook with dremel then soldering it closed. If you use the method from that guy skimpy and use a punch to to open the hook and pinch it closed you might have some hooks that are too hard and are brittle. Try either method and see if it helps.

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Re: Bladed jig
« Reply #4 on: 09/20/18 10:45 UTC »
Try using the Trokar Pro Swim Jig mold, it uses a heavy wire flat eye hook. You also don't need to use the Trokar hook, I use the Eagle Claw 2706BP but you can also use the Mustad 32796 or the Gamakatsu 594. Then you just need to use a split ring, and for the record, I've made bladed jigs with the blade directly attached and with the split ring and I prefer the split ring, a lot more erratic action which gives me more confidence in drawing strikes but not everyone feels the same.