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3D programs
« on: 10/02/18 14:27 UTC »
Hey Everyone, for those of you that design your own baits/molds, what 3D software are you using? I have been using CAD and let's just say it's not the easiest to use for custom plastics..


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Re: 3D programs
« Reply #1 on: 10/02/18 16:34 UTC »
I have a few “rough” simple designs in Tinkercad. Since I’m still new and learning I have found it the easiest for me to use and get my 3D printer to spit out ok items that I designed. I plan on doing more once winter sets in.

As for other design software I’ve tried Blender and absolutely did not like it due to the learning curve. Same goes with Sketchup . Autodesk Fusion is one that I want to like and seems to have great potential. I just need to take the time to dig into it and get comfortable.