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« on: 10/05/18 19:14 UTC »
I just spent almost an hour on the phone with Rosemary and Denny. He wants you all to know he's still vertical and as scrappy as ever. He still has some memory issues but aside from that he and his bride are in good health. Denny say "Hi" to the members here and that he does get on the site to see how things are going and to check on what all is new...or soon to be new. He says he's been in his shop tying some jigs and that he hopes to get the plastic furnace going sometime in the future.

I've tried calling a couple times in the last couple months but either called when they weren't home or weren't near a phone. I was sort of worried that maybe something had happened but nada....just bad timing on the calls.

For those who have met him, you'll know what I mean when I say I miss the old goat. Lamar, he said you need to start posting. lol

Anyway, Denny wanted me to let ya'll know he's still kicking life hard and to say hi to everyone, so mission accomplished.


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Re: Denny.....
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Glade to hear Denny and Rosemary are doing well. Sure miss his post’s
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Re: Denny.....
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Lamar, he said you need to start posting. lol

  I'm still here. Fall is my favorite time of year and I've been out in it. Just got back from Canada for the second time. I get on here in the mornings and read a few things just not making any baits this time of year. Normally Dec. and Jan. it's cold here and I'll start back up again getting ready for next spring. No trips planed till the end of January then we're off to South America for almost four weeks.
  I think it was last spring I called and talk to Denny for a while. He's a nice guy for a lawyer. Lol. Good to here he's doing well.