Author Topic: Large runs without burning plastic  (Read 182 times)

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Large runs without burning plastic
« on: 11/08/18 11:00 UTC »
Hey Everyone! I'm trying to find ways to save time, money, etc when I do large runs. I'm shooting up to 15 molds at a time, but am getting sick of having to reheat plastic via microwave when shooting thr molds for a second/third time. Sometimes I burn it if I'm not paying close attention... :S......I see some people use a presto pot, but does that work better? Does plastic need to be continously stirred if using a presto pot?


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Re: Large runs without burning plastic
« Reply #1 on: 11/08/18 12:06 UTC »
In my opinion, if you are doing large runs because you are doing this as a business, you cant get anything better than a shooting star system from Ultra molds.  Its a little pricey on the front end, but the time it will save on reheats and the amount you can pump out of that machine (including twin injections) its worth its weight in gold.  i have the mini system and i make baits for fun for me and my buddies.  Best purchase to date when it comes to this hobby and pumping out baits.  Has two canisters that holds several cups each with a stirring paddle and heater for each can. Can draw plastic for either can or from the port in the middle to make laminates. 

Again, just my opinion but thats my vote.
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