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Top molds/best looking bait molds
« on: 11/20/18 18:34 UTC »
HI everyone I have been looking at some molds and was wondering your guys/gals opinion's on who you believe has the best looking molds out there as far as for craws, creature/beaver, worms and finesse worms? There are so many different ones and jus would like some input. I see has some that look pretty close to the big bait manufactors but seems to take along time to receive and worries me about coming from another country. Let me know what you guys/gals think are some of the top molds. Thanks

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Re: Top molds/best looking bait molds
« Reply #1 on: 11/20/18 19:35 UTC »
for the molds that i have (and have looked at) the craw i like is the BTS 702, i got the 3" and it has a killer action, easy to shoot both single colors and laminates. the only worms i have are the doit midwest finesse, and a couple carrots (3.5" and 3' skinny) and they are all awesome as well.

i have molds from doit, basstackle, bts and angling ai. havent had any problems with ordering or getting orders and all the molds are top notch, and i will probably be buying from all of them again. the angling ai molds are especially nice, the attention to detail is amazing (josh took the time to dremel in "top and bottom) on the top of the mold so there is no questions about orientation, its a 4 cavity swimbait that makes laminates super easy).


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Re: Top molds/best looking bait molds
« Reply #2 on: 11/21/18 04:59 UTC » are copies of manufactured bait and you will have a legal problem with copy right infringement if you make bait’s to sell. If you only make bait’s for yourself and friends you won’t as far others molds I have more DO-IT molds than any other mold maker. But I do have a few Basstackle, Angling AI, Enforcer bait. DO-IT’S I Craw as far as being realistice is hard to beat all size’s of Mad Dads swim awesome as far as worms go all sizes of there GY stick bait, Midwest finesse,skinny carrots, drop shot bait’s  would be 3.5 super fry, Mo magic, 4” minna, swim bait’s the Ripper’s are hard to beat but the Swim Shad in both sizes has its time and place. Beaver both of DO-IT’s work for me but there are some really nice ones from other makers.
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Re: Top molds/best looking bait molds
« Reply #3 on: 11/21/18 06:03 UTC »
  I have so many Do-it molds I should buy stock in the company. I keep that room a mess on purpose so the wife doesn't go in there and see it all.
  I buy Do-it because they make a good product at a fair price and they have what I need. They put on this forum to help you learn and they back what they sell. I have no reason to go elsewhere.

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Re: Top molds/best looking bait molds
« Reply #4 on: 11/21/18 07:51 UTC »
I have no reason to go elsewhere.

And that, folks, is the long and short of it, sweet and simple!