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cannon balls mold
« on: 03/02/19 21:24 UTC »

1. make first part of the mold and let it set for 3 hour , put it in the freezer (cold play-doh is more easy to remove)
2.after cleanup brush on: Liquid Release Agent Wax (Day 1)
3. day 2 add more Liquid Release Agent Wax
4. day 3 add Liquid Release Agent Wax let it set and make part 2 of the mold

(:to remove play-doh put it in the freezer and let it get cold remove as much as you can and clean the first part of the mold using a nailbrush and water )

. RTV High Temperature Silicone Mould Making Rubber and Liquid Release Agent Wax (dwrplastics ebay)
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